there’s never been anything normal about us.

it’s just hard thinking you weren’t good enough for someone to love.

i’d give anything to be normal.

give me a nerd with glasses any day of the week.

you know, in every epic tale, there’s always one person who believes in the hero first. someone who helps inspire them to greatness. and maybe it wasn’t just a fluke with you. i’ve been thinking that’s my true calling; finding heroes and helping them realize their true potential beyond the reach of watchtower.

i’m willing to start from the bottom and work my way up without any help or arm-twisting. all i want is the opportunity to prove myself. being a part of this world.. working at the daily planet.. it’s - it’s always been my dream.

i know you may be editor in chief now, but even you had to start somewhere. and i am not gonna give up until i get the same chance.

i don’t think you should feel this good every day, but i think each day should have its own chance, you know? to make things, i don’t know, better? right? you know what i mean.

Favorite female characters

Tyra Collette

"Two years ago, I was afraid of wanting anything. I figured wanting would lead to trying and trying would lead to failure. But now I find I can’t stop wanting. I want to fly somewhere on first class. I want to travel to Europe on a business trip. I want to get invited to the White House. I want to learn about the world. I want to surprise myself. I want to be important. I want to be the best person I can be. I want to define myself instead of having others define me. I want to win and have people be happy for me. I want to lose and get over it. I want to not be afraid of the unknown. I want to grow up and be generous and big-hearted, the way people have been with me. I want an interesting and surprising life. It’s not that I think I’m going to get all these things.I just want the possibility of getting them."

favorite ships

» chloe sullivan and lois lane (smallville)

favorite ships

» clark kent and lois lane (smallville)